We are a membership organization of survivors that strives to channel the power of those most impacted by sexual violence and sexual harassment to organize for transformative culture change in places where women work.

The power dynamics that allow work-related sexual abuse to occur in the first instance are often the same dynamics that enable it to remain largely unchecked. We must interrupt and expose the narratives that create and perpetuate the existing culture, center those who are most impacted, and challenge institutional inaction and complicity through robust organizing. Survivors Know provides a platform for survivors to bring a collective vision for a better workplace, community, and world to fruition.

We run leadership development cohorts that create a large-scale virtual community. We blend practices from a variety of disciplines—social sciences, law, and psychology–within a popular education praxis. Our online leadership development programs shift the landscape by focusing on five core areas:

  1. Narrative and Culture: create and promote powerful narratives that challenge the assumption that survivors are weak or helpless;
  2. Leadership and Advocacy: develop the leadership of survivors by centering their experiences, expertise, and labor;
  3. Resources and Living Artifacts: build an understanding of institutional structures, and what is necessary to organize deep and lasting institutional change;
  4. Organizing: take collective action and foster a supportive, generative community.
  5. Mutual aid: create opportunities for members to share their skills, knowledge and talents with each other and the greater survivor community in support of structural changes, not charity.

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