Survivors Know is a membership-based organization that works at the intersection of survivor justice and worker organizing. We believe that the status quo will only shift when survivors of sexual harassment organize and build the power to win structural change in workplaces.

We teach survivors how to organize their workplaces, how to support each other, and how to challenge harmful practices and norms in ways that keep them safe. Organizing is an art and a science. We teach the science, and survivors create the art.  

Workers are agents of change — that simple truth drives Survivors Know. But traditional workplace organizing continues to be driven by strategies and tactics that often don’t take into account the trauma, uncertainty, and long healing process that comes with surviving harassment on the job.

  • Powerbuilding + Organizing:  bringing an organizing, trauma-informed lens to systems change
  • Survivors Know Solutions:  advancing effective workplace policies that challenge how power functions within the workplace;
  • Leadership + Advocacy: develop the leadership of survivors by centering their experiences, expertise, and labor;
  • Resources + Living Artifacts: build an understanding of institutional structures, and what is necessary to organize deep and lasting institutional change;
  • Rapid response: supporting survivors through rapid response tactics, and guiding them through legal processes.
  • Mutual aid: fostering a culture of mutual aid by creating opportunities for members to share their skills, knowledge, and talents with each other and the greater survivor community in support of structural changes, not charity;

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