Survivors Know is an organizing action hub.

We are a survivor-led membership-based organization dedicated to empowering and supporting survivors of power-based sexual violence. Central to our mission is providing leaders with the resources, support, and training necessary to develop and build initiatives that address their immediate needs while contributing to long-term survivor liberation. Whether it’s creating safe spaces for healing, advancing systems change, or fostering economic empowerment, we empower survivors to become agents of change and work toward dismantling the structures that perpetuate sexual violence and power inequities.

In service of Survivors’ Liberation, we focus on three core areas

Systems & Organizational Change

Survivors & Worker Organizing

Healing Justice. 

Our Vision

We envision and strive to create a world where survivor liberation defines our dreams, drives our work, and connects our communities.

Our Mission 

Solidarity, Accountability & Liberation

We are a survivor-led organization focused on dismantling power-based violence and oppression. Through solidarity and accountability, we organize for survivor liberation and to create systemic change.



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