Survivors Know is a new non-profit, member-based organization committed to developing the leadership of survivors of sexual violence and harassment.

We empower survivors to organize for transformative culture change in their workplaces*, which we believe to be the path to culture change in society. Survivors Know is rapidly becoming recognized as a critical voice in the national conversation on ending rape culture and sexual harassment, centering the role and expertise of survivors and pushing for accountability and structural change over short-term shaming and backroom deals.

We are an organization created very consciously across lines of race, gender-identity, geography, job sector, and ideology.

Our goal is to change the landscape by building the power of experts: survivors.


Survivors Know began as a volunteer effort by the co-founders to bring a cohort of survivors together to understand the interlocking systems that operate in workplaces and in society to keep misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and homophobia alive. We sought to move away from solutions that simply held individual bad actors accountable, and instead zero in on the systems that protect and aid the powerful to evade accountability. We based our learning sessions on principles of critical pedagogy, centering survivors as agents of change.

Participants in the cohort, along with a multitude of survivors who heard about our work voiced the urgent need for a survivor-led, intersectional, organizing response to sexual harassment and gender-based violence. In 2020, Survivors Know was born to respond to that call to action.

* When using the terms “work” and “workplace” we include all who are formally or informally employed, and whether performing labor from a common location or not, so that no one will need fear the threat of sexual abuse at, or related to, their job.

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