Dahlia Quintanilla (dah-lee-ya, king-ta-nee-ya)

Dahlia Quintanilla (dah-lee-ya, king-ta-nee-ya)

Co-Facilitator of the Anti-Violence Healing Circles

Founder of Liberated Learning, Educator, Facilitator, Curriculum Designer, Restorative Justice & Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Community Builder, and Somatic Movement Healer

Dahlia Quintanilla is the founder of Liberated Learning, an organization aimed at transforming environments to be restorative and healing-centered using community-based solutions and social-emotional approaches. With over 8 years of experience in education, Dahlia has served as an educator, reading intervention specialist, impact coach, facilitator, and curriculum designer. She has earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Community Engagement, as well as a certification in Somatic Healing Modalities. As a somatic movement healer, Dahlia guides people to be present with their bodies through movement that is designed to allow emotional residue from the past to be processed and healed.

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