Solidarity Kitchen is a worker coop rooted in collaboration and the true spirit of hospitality. It’s a mutual aid site, community kitchen, restaurant and bar, learning center, organizing space, and micro-business incubator. 

It’s a place for survivors of power-based sexual violence, immigrants, hospitality workers,  and anti-violence advocates to build their own wealth while contributing to the common good of their community.

The hospitality industry is in crisis

Hospitality has the highest turnover rate of any industry, hovering around 75%.

Over 76% of tipped workers report sexual harassment and 8 out of 10 hotel workers report physical or verbal harassment. 

There is a $3.55 per hour wage gap between ‘front of house’ restaurant workers in Illinois who are white men versus those who are black women. This means that black women in the industry are earning just 76% of what white men earn.



  abolition – mutuality

people over profit – collaboration        

            trauma-informed care – community wealth-building

community-informed resources – horizontal power structures       


We seek to cultivate a new type of hospitality, one that is rooted in solidarity and collaboration rather than hierarchy and individualism. 

Together hospitality workers, survivors, and community members will jointly build their wealth – reinvesting in the community itself and growing our wealth autonomously.

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